Sigil Effects

I and II
III and IV
V and VI
Reset Filters
Power UP: Ranged
Ranged DMG +2.0%
Precision Hub
Normal Attack level +2
Evolution Particle I
Skill 1 level +2
Telekinesis Vector I
Base DMG of Skill 1 +2.5%
Flashback Core l
CD of Skill 1 -2.0%
The Judge
Non-DoT DMG +4.5% to enemies with more than 85% HP
The Executioner
Non-DoT DMG +3.0% to enemies with lower than 40% HP
DMG taken -3.0% when casting a normal attack
Insulating Armor
DMG taken -7.0% in certain control effects
Healing effect received +4.0% when HP is lower than 40%
EM Flux
The higher the HP, the more the Non-DoT DMG (no more than 4.0%)
The lower the HP, the more the Non-DoT DMG (no more than 12.0%)
Evolution Particle ll
Skill 2 level +2
Telekinesis Vector ll
Base DMG of Skill 2 +2.5%
Flashback Core ll
CD of Skill 2 -2.0%
Telepathize Forcefield l
DMG +2.5% when any Tier 3 Aether Code is activated
Telepathize Forcefield ll
DMG +3.0% when only 2 Tier 1 Aether Codes are activated
Telepathize Forcefield lll
DMG +3.5% when 3 Tier 1 Aether Codes are activated
Energy Fusion
DMG +4.0% when under Continuous Damage or HP Removal
Downward Buffer
DMG taken -5.0% when under Continuous DMG or HP Removal
Virtual Aim
DMG taken -3.0% from enemies under Continuous Damage or HP Removal
Restores 10.0% Ultimate Skill charge when entering the battle
Evolution Particle lll
Skill 3 level +2
Telekinesis Vector lll
Base DMG of Skill 3 +2.5%
Flashback Core lll
CD of SKill 3 -2.0%
Cognition Iterated
Ultimate Skill level +2
Ultimate Equation
The Mod's Ultimate Skillchain DMG +15.0%
Pendulum Diffusion
CD of Ultimate Skill -1.5%
Armor Breaker
DMG to enemies in Weak or Armor Break +2.5%
Aether Shatter
DMG to enemies in Abnormal States +3.0%
Current Decay
DMG to enemies in Control RES +3.5%
Absolute Zero
DMG +4.0% when in Zero Time
Kinetic Mod
DMG +7.5% when in Modified Mode
Energy Preserver
Restores 15 Energy when entering the battle
Power UP: Melee
Melee DMG +2.0%
Trace Tracking
Restores 1 Trace(s) when entering the battle
Anger Management
Restores 15 Rage when entering the battle
Divine Sense
Restores 15 Divine Grace when entering the battle