Deer God Follower Zealot

Risk Level I

A cultist who wears a long robe and hides their face under a hood. Usually mumbles mysterious prayers under their breath.

Deer God Follower Zealot

Cannon Sаcrifice
When badly woundеd, the zeаlоts turn their cannons on themselves. The projectiles shoot through them toward the target enemy’s location, then explode, inflicting DMG to the enemy.

Opponent Intel 01
These zealots were originally loyal to the Akishika family, but after being bewitched, they started making secret offerings to the Deer God. They assist in bringing about the Deer God's awakening in order to restore the Akishika family's status.

Opponent Intel 02
They operate in secret in Shimogyou District, luring people in and passing on their teachings.

Opponent Intel 03
In battle, they prefer stealth attacks over head-on strikes. They launch their hand cannons from hidden locations to attack their enemies. Since the projectiles contain the Deer God's Bane Energy, they never miss.