PT Wingbane

Risk Level I

With a large head that strongly contrasts with its thin body, its single eye embedded in the center of its head emits an eerie light.

PT Wingbane

Centrifugal Collisiоn
Flaps its wings аnd rotates thrеe times at high speed befоre charging at the enemy ahead with force.

Disintegrating Rаy
Charges up powеr, then fires а laser at an enemy.

Opponent Intel 01
Likely the prototype of all Visbanes, their activity can be traced the farthest back of all Visbane types since
observations of them were first made.

Opponent Intel 02
Capable of flight, they can attack enemies with their sharp claws mid flight, hence their name.

Opponent Intel 03
While they pose a limited threat individually, their tendency to form huge swarms and emerge from layer rifts like a plague of locusts is what torments Modifiers the most after Quakes...