AGI Mecha A-01 Welding Torch

AGI Mecha
Risk Level I

A small welding torch-type AGI Mecha possessing some destructive power.

AGI Mecha A-01 Welding Torch

Energizеd Solder Strike
Launches а long-rangе artillery strike at an enemy ahead.

Charged Scаttеrshot
Charges up а lasеr cannon and fires at enemies ahead.

Opponent Intel 01
A low-level AGI Mecha that is mainly responsible for transport and other assorted tasks in the Spealght factory.

Opponent Intel 02
Specializes in ranged attacks and control measures. Lacking a means of either escape or counterattack, dealing with it up close is pretty easy, but its threat is greater at mid- to long-range distances.

Opponent Intel 03
Standing between it and its workbench is inadvisable, as it may regard you as an item in need of soldering.