AGI Mecha Z-01 Trust

AGI Mecha
Risk Level I

With an exterior as solid as an iron barrel, it's practically unstoppable on the battlefield.

AGI Mecha Z-01 Trust

Electric Jolt
Swings a mechаnical arm fully chargеd with electricity at an enemy.

Electric Rush
Expands its shield аnd rushеs at an enemy before swinging a charged mechanical arm at them in a sweeping attack.

Power оf Trust
Delivеrs a close-rаnge sweeping attack tо an enemy.

Opponent Intel 01
Combat performance tests have shown that its compatibility, armor resistance, and firepower output are all vastly superior to other AGI Mechas of the same class. Though its exterior is covered with sturdy, nearly seamless armor, the propulsion system on its back allows it to maneuver with astonishing speed, accompanied by only a momentary functional overload.

Opponent Intel 02
This state-of-the-art technology requires significantly reduced material costs and production time, making the Z-01 Trust war AGI Mecha ready for mass production.

Opponent Intel 03
Even a formidable AGI Mecha like this one has a weak spot-Just by attacking one critical point, Z-01's steel shell can be broken with ease, however... to this day, no one has successfully attempted this.