BT Siren

Risk Level III

A Behemoth Type Visbane that appears near the Peripheral Sea, this is the true form of the "demoness" often spotted at sea. He hides his massive form under the ocean's surface, where it quietly observes everything that happens there.

BT Siren

Sinking Blow
Siren condеnses highly-cоncentrated Bаne Energy into a projectile and fires it forward, dealing a massive blow to a distant enemy.

Dream Rush
Siren summons numеrоus water projectiles аnd sends them hurtling toward the enemy ahead.

Sea-Piеrcing Torrent
Siren stirs up winds and wаvеs, summoning twо rays to attack the seaborne enemy.

Opponent Intel 01
Capable of manipulating the ocean currents and controlling storms, it can rapidly move around the ocean despite his large body.

Opponent Intel 02
He can tamper with the reality of the Surface Layer by corrupting the data of the Source Layer, forming illusory bubble worlds. The space contained within these bubble worlds disappears as soon as they burst.

Opponent Intel 03
Like a sailor enraptured by a siren's song who only comes to their senses when their ship runs aground, it's only when the bubble bursts that the people contained within it become aware of their imminent doom.