W-03 Silentium

AGI Mecha
Risk Level I

Developed to blend in with the elegant environment of Stellaris Academy, this security AGI Mecha possesses the aesthetically-pleasing bearing of a statue. Even though the students and city residents are aware of the existence of this type of mecha, they still occasionally find themselves startled by its sudden movements!

W-03 Silentium

Beam Pulsе
Gathers еnergy, then fires а high-energy pulse at enemies ahead.

Silent Darknеss
Unleashеs а circular energy field around it that slоws enemies within it.

Opponent Intel 01
With its superior detection capabilities and maneuverability, this type of AGI Mecha is normally used for surveillance and to warn of ill-intentioned intruders.

Opponent Intel 02
To ensure its maneuverability, the designers were repeatedly forced to reduce its weight until the original design criteria could be met.

Opponent Intel 03
While it may not have stand-out combat capabilities, its excellent detection system can instantaneously pick up signs of danger when it's carrying out patrol missions.