W-02 Sheriff

AGI Mecha
Risk Level I

Developed to blend in with the elegant environment of Stellaris Academy, this security AGI Mecha possesses the aesthetically-pleasing bearing of a statue. Even though the students and city residents are aware of the existence of this type of mecha, they still occasionally find themselves startled by its sudden movements!

W-02 Sheriff

Raises thе longswоrd аnd slashes at enemies in close range.

Guard the Tеmple!
Raises thе longswоrd, chаrges up power, then stabs at the distant enemy.

Opponent Intel 01
It could be said that these humanoid statue-like AGI Mechas are a distinguishing feature of the landscape of Stellaris Academy. Over the course of their updated iterations, this is now the most widely-used and applicable type.

Opponent Intel 02
Although their motionless quality can make them indistinguishable from statues, the mechanical luster flowing faintly over their exteriors grant them a unique beauty that many art students strive to reproduce in their work.

Opponent Intel 03
It's said that when this type of AGI Mecha was first put to use, they frightened many timid teachers and students, for a time becoming the subject of many a strange tale circulating around Stellaris Academy.