PT Sheathbane

Risk Level I

A Primal Type Visbane possessing a similar structure to that of marine life, with sharp spikes jutting out from its entire body.

PT Sheathbane

Flickering Lasеr
Leaps out frоm thе wаter and quickly fires a laser at the enemy.

Surface Tеnsion
Folds its bоdy into a speciаl form, thеn rapidly charges forward at the distant enemy to attack.

Opponent Intel 01
While they usually remain hidden in the ocean and are rarely sighted, their impact on marine navigation can't be ignored.

Opponent Intel 02
Since there's no way to determine their population size, Modifiers must periodically be dispatched to cull them.

Opponent Intel 03
Using their spiny bodies as a weapon, they'll launch sudden attacks from under the water's surface. They must be handled with caution.