HT Shattered Shadow

Risk Level I

A Heterization Type Visbane created by the Crow God. Due to its memetic abilities, its appearance is an amalgamation of the imaginations of many.

HT Shattered Shadow

Neon Ray
After a short chаrging pеriоd, fires a ray of Bane Energy in a straight line in front of it, dealing DMG.

Blinding Light
After a short chаrging pеriоd, unleashes a chaotic light wave at the target, inflicting Shackle on enemies within range.

Opponent Intel 01
It acts in groups, but is incapable of thought and will not engage in coordinated combat.

Opponent Intel 02
The nightmares in every person's heart are mapped to the display screen on its chest. Using its ability to incisively probe its enemy's mind, it will relentlessly pursue the most cowardly.

Opponent Intel 03
Only the steadfast and fearless stand a chance of victory against a Visbane like this. Victory, however, would only be temporary-these monsters will continue to respawn as long as there are still interlopers seeking the truth.