BT Shadowfang

Risk Level I

The product of an animal thoroughly corrupted by a Visbane. Human data fragments were seemingly mixed in during the corruption process, resulting in their beastman-like appearance.

BT Shadowfang

Roar оf the Night
Lets out a dеаfening rоar, dealing damage to nearby enemies and increasing its ATK for a short time.

Frenziеd Claws
Strikes twicе with sharp clаws at an enemy ahead.

Opponent Intel 01
A species formed after an animal was fully corrupted by a Visbane that entered the Surface Layer through a rift.

Opponent Intel 02
Their modes of operation are as bizarre as they are variable, and they uses their sharp claws as weapons to lacerate enemies with.

Opponent Intel 03
While they do not possess the capacity for thought, they can act on their animal instincts and are considerably alert to danger.