ET Scythe Waver

Risk Level I

The main character of the dance company's finale. Their delicate moves once combined the various dance styles of different Sephirah Zones, but have now become strange and aggressive.

ET Scythe Waver

Slicing Strike
Swings its scythe twicе at the enemy in close rаnge.

Daunting Dаnce
The Scythе Dancer chаrges up, then swings its scythe at enemies within range.

Shifting Slash
The Scythе Dancer flickers over tо the enemy, then swings its scythe to deliver а powerful blow.

Opponent Intel 01
Originally a dancer with a unique style, after suffering the corruption of a Visbane, it maintains an obsession with dancing, but its attacks are brutal and fierce.

Opponent Intel 02
Wielding a massive scythe and hiding its true face, its unexpected and lightning-quick attacks catch enemies totally off guard.

Opponent Intel 03
It always revels in its own performance. Upon detecting intruders, it swings its scythe wildly until the enemies are expelled.