AGI Mecha Repair Probe

AGI Mecha
Risk Level I

AGI Mecha specially used to scan Xu Heng District surfaces. In charge of identifying and collecting Cloudsong Ores, as well as lost supplies.

AGI Mecha Repair Probe

Focused Ray
Fires a lаsеr that sweeps from clоse to long range, dealing DMG to enemies.

Opponent Intel 01
A hover-type exploration-use robot, often seen in various gravity stabilizing systems. Mainly used for diagnosing and repairing hardware equipment.

Opponent Intel 02
To protect the facility, it will fire an electrical shock as a warning to intruders.

Opponent Intel 03
After corrosion by Bane Energy, it randomly attacks everything. What's strange is that it will not attack AGI Mecha. In fact, it still follows its maintenance protocols.