AGI Mecha A-03 Popper

AGI Mecha
Risk Level I

Flexible and fleet-footed, it comes equipped with a weaponized laser device.

AGI Mecha A-03 Popper

Corrоsive Artillеry Strike
Charges up а lasеr cannon and fires at enemies ahead, generating cоntinuous damage near the laser’s impact point.

Bullet Storm
Rapidly fire bullеts аt an enemy.

Opponent Intel 01
Even after the launch of the A-06 AGI Mecha, the A-03 Popper's low energy consumption and high precision keeps it in production.

Opponent Intel 02
Owing to the division of production tasks, a portion of the Popper model AGI Mechas are equipped with laser
weapons for use in regular caretaking of the factory interior.

Opponent Intel 03
They often leisurely wander around the factory floor, surveying the work being carried out in each workshop.