AGI Mecha A-02 Patroller

AGI Mecha
Risk Level I

A small patrol-type AGI Mecha that uses a laser emitted from a device in its head to scan visitors' identities.

AGI Mecha A-02 Patroller

Rapid Lаser Firе
Quickly fires lasеrs аt enemies ahead.

Floating Artillery Strikе
Charges up а lasеr cannon and fires at enemies ahead.

Opponent Intel 01
As an AGI Mecha responsible for detection within Spealght Industries, its main tasks pertain to detection and maintaining order.

Opponent Intel 02
It will issue an alert at the first sign of any hidden danger that may threaten the safety of the factory.

Opponent Intel 03
Due to the excessive sensitivity of the system on board to the surrounding environment, some of its combat capabilities have been reduced to prevent unintended damage.