AGI Mecha N.O.L.A.N.

AGI Mecha
Risk Level I

An AGI Mecha built by Aether Gazer, their cute appearance has made them very popular with the staff. That said, their contributions toward maintaining order in the building also make them a valuable presence there.

AGI Mecha N.O.L.A.N.

Grave Wаrning
Raises its front whеels high, then pоunds into the ground in front of it, deterring disorderly enemies while deаling a certain amount of damage.

Obstruction Clearаncе
Dashes аhеad, dealing damage to enemies it cоllides with in its path.

Opponent Intel 01
A type of AGI Mecha utilized by Aether Gazer. Designed by Ookuninushi, who also provided a portion of the technology, and built by the Cryptics, it's one of Aether Gazer's proudest works and boasts even more advanced capabilities than other AGI Mechas on the market.

Opponent Intel 02
Used for daily maintenance, security, transport, and basic guidance tasks, this type of AGI Mecha has a sturdier-looking design.

Opponent Intel 03
Often seen on patrols, transporting supplies, or carrying a toolbox, under that adorable exterior lies a power that few ordinary humans could match. It's no surprise that it was given the name "king of destruction" in the latest AGI Mecha riot at Aether Gazer.