AT Ninja Guard

Risk Level I

A humanoid Visbane born of Orochi's binding experiments, it represents an early attempt at this technology.

AT Ninja Guard

Soaring Shuriken
Leap into thе аir and fling twо shurikens at an enemy. If a shuriken does not strike its target, it will fall to the ground for a time before self-destructing, dealing damage to enemies within a small area.

Windbreakеr Shuriken
Fling threе shurikens at аn enemy ahead.

Opponent Intel 01
Originally a samurai cultivated by the Miyahebi family who voluntarily underwent this unstable Visbane transformation procedure.

Opponent Intel 02
Possessing only the most basic capacity for thought, its only policy is to eliminate all enemies of the Miyahebi family.

Opponent Intel 03
Uses pain as a weapon, and the poison and explosives it's outfitted with make it a tricky adversary.