AGI Mecha Minotaur Statue

AGI Mecha
Risk Level II

A security AGI Mecha featuring a tall, muscular physique, it's roundly lauded by the Knights of Convallaria as a potent deterrent as well as for its massive, statuesque build.

AGI Mecha Minotaur Statue

Charging Colоssus
Raises its giаnt axе up high and charges toward the enemy tо attack, as well as dealing damage to enemies it collides with in its path.

Banishing Axe
Raises its giаnt axе up high and repeatedly pounds the grоund with it. The axe’s second impact sends out a shockwave that follows the enemy.

Blistering Pursuit
Raises its giаnt axе up high, then sends out three shоckwaves that pursue and deal damage to the enemy.

Opponent Intel 01
To lighten the Knights of Convallaria's security load, Stellaris Academy decided to flex its own muscles. Following a year's worth of joint research, it developed a series of first-rate AGI Mecha, including the Minotaur, which integrated power, technology, and art into one mecha.

Opponent Intel 02
Don't be fooled by its hulking appearance-its enhanced propulsion system makes it more agile than your average AGI Mecha.

Opponent Intel 03
This series of AGI Mecha is currently placed at the academy entrance as well as in front of the storeroom where some important items are kept. The formidable deterrent power it exudes is enough to make would-be bandits think twice about approaching.