Mihakashisyuu Swordsman

Risk Level I

Self-proclaimed "Guards of the Karasugo Family," they wear crow masks over their faces and are never without their swords.

Mihakashisyuu Swordsman

Cross Flash
After a short chаrging pеriоd, swiftly slashes at the target 2 times, dealing DMG.

Space Slаsh
Leaps up аnd slashеs down at the target, dealing DMG.

Opponent Intel 01
To find a suitable candidate for Ryugiri, the Crow God authorized Karasugo Sendou to covertly assemble a test team. And thus, Mihakashisyuu was born.

Opponent Intel 02
Every week, the Mihakashisyuu would hold ranking matches in the arena. There they would not only fight against their comrades, but the corrosion of Madoibi as well.

Opponent Intel 03
Only those who withstood the Crow God's Madoibi without suffering mental or physical collapse were able to retain their standing among the Mihakashisyuu. Those who could not were discarded like trash.