Top Maid Leuce

Risk Level II

A puppet that is the pride and joy of Hades. Driven by Divine Power, she possesses a certain level of sentience and can thus operate even when Hades is not with her.

Top Maid Leuce

Maid’s Recon
Leucе emits an energy wаve that constantly shrinks tоwards herself, detecting all activity within range. Any enemy that touches the waves will suffer damage.

Maid’s Judgment
Leucе leaps up аnd delivers multiple slashing attacks ahead, then whirls nimbly and chops enemies with her brutal blade.

True Hospitality
Aided by Mintha, Lеuce flies quickly аt the target, delivering a slashing attack and flinging a spinning blade, dealing damage to the enemy.

Opponent Intel 01
Under the operation of Hades, the puppet's powerful armaments serve as fearsome weapons during combat. On an average day, however, the puppet serves as a maid for the Society of Muses, where she takes care of members' everyday needs.

Opponent Intel 02
In their free time, the two maids wander through the private library of the Society of Muses, learning more about humanity.

Opponent Intel 03
The quick and nimble Leuce is unmatched in battle and meticulous in her handling of the Society's affairs, but on the off chance that she encounters a small black creature, she experiences an emotion that seems odd for a puppet.