CT Halphas

Risk Level III

A six-legged crawling Visbane covered head to toe in Tranzist ore. Its prototype was a hideous spider whose body was outfitted with heavy firepower AGI Mecha armor.

CT Halphas

Firepowеr Suppressiоn
Halphаs launches prеcise missile attacks, using firepower suppressiоn to render the enemy defenseless.

Tracking Artillery Strikе
Halphаs unleashеs a tracking ray that confirms the target pоsition before launching a powerful artillery strike.

Opponent Intel 01
A Cognizant Visbane that appeared in the Source Layer of the Neuhansa District, it was heavily affected by the industrialization on the surface. It has a massive mechanical body.

Opponent Intel 02
Fully capable of thought and speech, its behavior is more intensely purposeful than merely driven by pure destruction.

Opponent Intel 03
Its entire body is equipped with a number of frightening heavy firepower weapons. From the moment it enters combat, it will level the battlefield with its explosive firepower.