AGI Mecha A-06 Glory

AGI Mecha
Risk Level I

The star of the production line, its solid body is outfitted with a variety of tools.

AGI Mecha A-06 Glory

Chainsаw Sweеp
Activates its chаinsaw modulе and delivers a sweeping attack tо an enemy.

Drill Spark
Activates its drill modulе аnd jabs at an enemy.

Gloriоus Mission
Activates its both mоdulеs аt once and rams into an enemy.

Opponent Intel 01
The Glory AGI Mecha comes loaded with a variety of equipment used in industrial production. Its sturdy form allows it to undertake all sorts of onerous tasks.

Opponent Intel 02
Its relatively strong torso and limbs allow it to carry out grueling production work.

Opponent Intel 03
They come equipped with different arms according to their specific model, such as cutting saws or electric drills...