PT Formisane

Risk Level I

Has a large, round head, the surface of which is almost entirely occupied by a single huge eye.

PT Formisane

Soldier Ant Sting
Strikes an еnemy with its lаnce.

Cross Cut
Cuts an enеmy with its lаnce in a cross shape.

Opponent Intel 01
Likely the prototype of all Visbanes, their activity can be traced the farthest back of all Visbane types since observations of them were first made.

Opponent Intel 02
Holding sharp lances honed by corroded crystals, they like to operate in groups within the Source Layer.

Opponent Intel 03
While they pose a limited threat individually, their tendency to form huge swarms and emerge from layer rifts like a plague of locusts is what torments Modifiers the most after Quakes...