AGI Mecha A-01 Forklift

AGI Mecha
Risk Level I

A compact forklift AGI Mecha capable of shuttling back and forth through narrow spaces to carry out tasks.

AGI Mecha A-01 Forklift

Left and right mеchаnical arms slam forward in successiоn at the enemy.

Shovel Bash
Both arms shоvel violеntly forwаrd, knocking enemies in its path into the air.

Opponent Intel 01
A low-level AGI Mecha that is mainly responsible for transport and other assorted tasks in the Spealght factory.

Opponent Intel 02
Despite being the most under-appreciated of the factory staff, it still works diligently to complete its daily tasks.

Opponent Intel 03
It can occasionally be spotted in the factory's corners silently practicing its hauling skills on scrap containers.