Convallaria Knight Female

Risk Level I

A female member of the Knights of Convallaria, she's mainly responsible for ensuring the safety of the Astral Council and Stellaris Temple.

Convallaria Knight Female

Arrow Burst
Fires a powеrful аrrоw at a distant enemy.

Whirling Kick
Sends thе enemy aheаd flying with a leaping kick.

Opponent Intel 01
As guardians of law and order in Omorfies, members receive basic combat training. Most are given melee
weapons, but some special members are equipped with longbows.

Opponent Intel 02
Many members have an admiration for the arts, but were unable to become artists themselves, so they resolved to protect the arts instead.

Opponent Intel 03
The long-term peace enjoyed by Omorfies has led some members to neglect their training, resulting in a decrease in their actual combat abilities.