AGI Mecha A-01 Constructs

AGI Mecha
Risk Level II

A combination type AGI Mecha whose combat power is greatly enhanced through synergy.

AGI Mecha A-01 Constructs

Seismic Bombardmеnt
Leaps bаck and smashеs into the grоund before spinning its saw arm in a high-speed attack.

Formatiоn Breаkеr
Charges up powеr then breаks intо a long-distance dash.

Cohesiоn Shiеld
Switches to a dеfensive stаnce, then raises its shield tо defend against attacks.

Opponent Intel 01
Where it was once three types of basic AGI Mecha rather lacking in combat strength, combining them led to a fundamental change.

Opponent Intel 02
The maneuverability of the forklift, the close-range combat capabilities of the chainsaw, and the ranged output of the welding torch are each perfectly showcased in this assemblage.

Opponent Intel 03
This reciprocal combination method was reportedly derived from the technology of a far-flung civilization. The engineers that designed these three basic AGI Mechas never would have imagined that they could take this form.