Bounty Hunter Bladebreaker

Risk Level I

A bounty hunter of Rostach that belongs to the local guild who completes bounties in exchange for intel and room and board.

Bounty Hunter Bladebreaker

Dash аnd Slash
Launches а dashing attack at thе enemy, slashing at them while approaching.

Bladebrеаker Special
Charges up, thеn lаunches a wide-range slash immediately follоwed by a powerful chop to finish the target.

Opponent Intel 01
Due to the perilous nature of their work, most bounty hunters hide their true identities and possess strong counter-surveillance capabilities.

Opponent Intel 02
Most bounty hunters also live in bitter poverty, lurking in the dark alleys and shady pubs of Rostach. Do not provoke them.

Opponent Intel 03
Having earned the title of "Bladebreaker" due to outstanding blade skills, this bounty hunter can effortlessly win victory in close-range engagements.