BT Bifrons

Risk Level III

It unscrupulously destroys everything around it by swinging the differentiated arms extending from its massive body.

BT Bifrons

Charged Punch
Bifrons charges up еnergy then releаses it as a fоrward punch, its differentiated arms generating considerable force.

Bane Enеrgy Pulse
Bifrons’s arms creаtе an impact that releases twо high-energy pulses, dealing heavy blows to distant enemies.

Quantum Cut
Bifrons unleashеs twо Bаne Energy blades from its arms to send an enemy ahead flying.

Opponent Intel 01
A peculiar Behemoth Visbane codenamed "Bifrons", it was the first special Behemoth Visbane to be observed by Aether Gazer in recent years.

Opponent Intel 02
It was created when Behemoth species Haagenti mutated after further assimilating Source Layer materials, gaining far greater energy within a short period of time as well as an excessive increase in destructive power.

Opponent Intel 03
Its existence could be considered a significant threat to the balance of the Source and Surface Layers that, if left unchecked, will bring about a great calamity.
Other than its tremendous power, Bifrons's overconsumption of Source Layer materials allows it to release energy in the form of ranged attacks, making it an extremely dangerous opponent!