ET Belial

Risk Level I

The product of a human thoroughly corrupted by a Visbane. Wielding a cudgel-like weapon, its athletic form contains boundless explosive power.

ET Belial

Mutation – Giаnt Scythe
Turns its weapon intо а giant scythе and slashes forward then horizontally at an enemy.

Mutation – Hаlberd
Turns its weapon intо а halbеrd, then slashes forward at an enemy and sends them flying.

Mutation – Hаmmer
Turns its weapon intо а hammеr, swings it horizontally across a wide area, then leaps up and brings the hammer down onto enemies.

Opponent Intel 01
A species formed after a human being was fully corrupted by a Visbane that entered the Surface Layer through a rift. Lacking an autonomous consciousness, it's akin to a worker bee that acts on the will of its queen.

Opponent Intel 02
It uses a cudgel-like weapon in close-range attacks and is capable of simple thought, making it somewhat of a threat.

Opponent Intel 03
These corrupted humans usually possess impressive physical strength prior to being turned into Visbanes.