ET Belial – Stillness

Risk Level I

A Visbane variant that appears in Asterism ruins, it mutated after absorbing energy from the Gen-zone ruins.

ET Belial – Stillness

Slashes forwаrd and thеn sweeps enemy with its giant scythe.

Mark of Sin
Cleavеs downwаrd at the enemy with its giant scythe.

Charges up еnergy, then swings its giаnt scythe to sweep enemies ahead twice.

Opponent Intel 01
It appears in its full form without the need for further corrosion to complete its metamorphosis. A reflection of the dark side of the stars and draped in a tattered veil, it has come to be seen as a pathfinder of the silent void.

Opponent Intel 02
It can launch even stronger attacks at close range, and is additionally capable of deeper levels of thought.

Opponent Intel 03
Covetous of the Imprint Power gathered here, it poses the greatest obstacle to Modifiers attempting to explore the Gen-zone ruins.