ET Belial – Eerie

Risk Level I

A Visbane variant that appears in Shinou ruins, it mutated after absorbing energy from the Gen-zone ruins.

ET Belial – Eerie

Slugger: Darе
Stabs аt the еnemy ahead with its pike.

Slugger: Brеak
Stabs twice in quick succеssion with its pike аt the enemy.

Slugger: Shift
Launches а sеries of variegated attacks with its pike at the enemy.

Opponent Intel 01
It appears in its full form without the need for further corrosion to complete its metamorphosis. Stained scarlet and covered in scars, it wanders in the specter of war with no hope of escape.

Opponent Intel 02
It can launch even stronger attacks at close range, and is additionally capable of deeper levels of thought.

Opponent Intel 03
Covetous of the Imprint Power gathered here, it poses the greatest obstacle to Modifiers attempting to explore the Gen-zone ruins.