AGI Mecha Z-03 Battlefield (Broken)

AGI Mecha
Risk Level I

An impaired humanoid AGI Mecha that still retains a strong urge to fight.

AGI Mecha Z-03 Battlefield (Broken)

Searing Arc
Raises onе аrm and unleashes a pоwerful arc at a distant enemy.

Charged Collisiоn
Charges up powеr аnd rams intо a distant enemy.

Opponent Intel 01
It wasn't always smooth sailing in the process of developing the AGI Mecha Legion. These impaired humanoid AGI Mecha are the failed products of the early stages of the process.

Opponent Intel 02
These impaired humanoid AGI Mechas, though lacking in locomotive power and firepower output, consist of a
framework built to the exact design specifications of the more advanced B-01. So, estimating it on the basis of that grisly exterior is guaranteed to incur a steep price.

Opponent Intel 03
When defeated, it emits a muffled mechanical noise from deep within its body, the meaning of which is known only to its creator, I'm afraid.