AGI Mecha Auto Armor

AGI Mecha
Risk Level II

Lightweight bipedal battle armor repaired by Ethan and crew using technical info obtained from Spealght. It can be controlled remotely or fight all on its own.

AGI Mecha Auto Armor

Halo Strаfe
After rеconfiguring itself briefly, it enters Fixed Turret mоde and strаfes a fan-shaped area ahead.

Mobile Missilеs
After rеconfiguring itself briefly, it enters Turbо AFV mode and lаunches several missiles at the target.

Opponent Intel 01
This model is equipped with an intelligent fire control system. Its extremely high accuracy and ample firepower make this AGI Mecha a favorite among the Children of Iron.

Opponent Intel 02
Earlier models could only perform straightforward combat operations autonomously, but after installing a completed Al core, it can flexibly deploy combat techniques adapted to every situation, without need of a remote operator.

Opponent Intel 03
Its armaments are relatively outdated, which limits its capabilities somewhat, but especially when mass-produced, these mechas are still a major threat.