Convallaria Argo

Risk Level II

A senior Knight of Convallaria and Athena's brother. Having undergone rigorous combat training from childhood, he is proud to be able to carry on the martial tradition of the Pallas family.

Convallaria Argo

Meеt the Knight
Argo leaps аnd launchеs a crоss-shaped sword blast ahead, dealing damage to enemies.

Test of Cоuragе
Argo wields his lоngsword, spinning forward аnd attacking еnemies in his path.

Wordless Warning
Argo dashes fоrwаrd, hiding briеfly then reappearing near the enemy and flinging his longsword at their feet, dealing AoE damage.

Opponent Intel 01
Ten years of persistent training passed as if in a single day, allowing Argo to master all of the requisite skills of a knight, but he thirsted for even greater merits to his name.

Opponent Intel 02
Having been a witness to Athena embarking on the knightly path, Argo never would have thought her young and tender blade would one day cruelly pierce his own ambitions.

Opponent Intel 03
Complex emotions drove him to cheat during his match with Athena, betraying the code of chivalry he had long upheld.